World’s strongest redneck does some yard work

Hope someone will call 911 before “The World’s Strongest Redneck” tries this again.


Hot Girl faceplants at bikini contest

D’oh! This girl might not win the swimsuit competition, but in case of a fire, she’d probably be pretty good at the whole stop, drop, and roll thing.

San Diego Hot 100 every Saturday at Se hotel…

Lucky accident caught on camera

From the Youtube description:
This really happened to a friend of my cousin’s as the person drove to work on Hwy 74 near Shelby, North Carolina. The person happened to be using the camera phone because the truck and trailer in the video were sort of racing, not letting either pass, and the person thought the 2 vehicles might have an accident.

This is proof that accidents – and MIRACLES! – do indeed happen. My cousin assured me that the person filming was not hurt … at least physically.