Charlie Sheen for President of Libya

So now that Libya’s in need of a new leader, we here at Atbreak would like to nominate Charlie Sheen for the position. After all, he’s really not doing anything right now, and as he demonstrates in the Funny Or Die “interview” embedded above, he is almost as bizarre and wacky as the man whose place he’d be taking, only much more harmless.

Charlie Sheen is, after all, just here for hooker love and cocaine. Long live the Sheen regime — and suck it, Kutcher!

The freakiest Charlie Sheen mask you will see

Well, I hope everyone’s cool with never falling asleep again, because artist Landon Meier has created a horrifically lifelike Charlie Sheen mask. And you too can terrify your friends and neighbors with Sheen’s dead eyes and creepy visage for the low, low price of $2,500.