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Crazy chimps beat each other, chase one into a ravine, and in the finale, a chimp uses a big stick to beat another, all at the Los Angeles zoo. Crazy, pretty interesting to see them use weapons.

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Hairless Chimpanzee

A Chimpanzee will Fuck. You. Up. Their muscle density is several times more than ours so a 100 pound chimp is stronger than a 300 pound body builder.

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Amazing Chimp Cycles Around London, taken from the British Pathe film archive online, the reel which was recorded in 1948 was originally titled “Monkey Tricks”.

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Two-​​year-​​old chim­panzee “Do Do” feeds milk to “Aorn” a two-​​month-​​old tiger cub, at the Samut Prakan Croc­o­dile Farm and Zoo on the out­skirts of Bangkok, Thai­land. (Sukree Sukplang/​Reuters)