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Electroshock soccer 150x150 Electroshock soccer

Johan Golden and Henrik Elvestad tests how giving electric shocks affects a soccer game.

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Lion loves Football 150x150 Lion loves Football

Casting an image that will inspire England’s own lions the majestic cat plays with his favourite football at his enclosure in Johannesburg Zoo. Footy mad Triton, an 11-year-old male who was born at the zoo, likes soccer so much he refuses to play ball with any of the seven females he shares his enclosure with.


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Rules to Rugby with Hot Chicks 150x150 Rules to Rugby with Hot Chicks

America’s favorite sport is football, but, for some reason, they turn a blind eye to rugby, which is basically football’s European cousin. To help explain Rugby to their Yankee friends, LynxEffectAustralia explains the game in the best way to grab American’s attention: with hot girls in slow motion.