The Top 3 Photographs of 2011

A tree-climbing lion stirs in Uganda’s Queen Elizabeth National Park.

This brown rat’s angry display at the photographer reflects 73 generations of breeding for hostility to humans. Scientists at Novosibirsk and in Germany are comparing the aggressive rat genome to that of rats selected for friendliness, attempting to untangle connections between DNA and behavior.

Dedicated keepers at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust’s Nairobi Elephant Nursery in Kenya protect baby Shukuru from the cold and rain, and the risk of pneumonia, with a custom-made raincoat.


Indian: Meghalaya’s Living Bridge

A bridge in Meghalaya constructed by the living roots of Fig Trees. Wonderful.

It’s cool to see that there are beautiful places in India, and people living in harmony with nature and each other. Gives you a different perspective on ways you can choose to build your society. I love ours, too, but this is unique and really peaceful looking. Sometimes all you see is the bad news that comes out of India. Good to see the other side.