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Yawning is more contagious than pink eye, bird flu and “Call Me Maybe” combined. That’s science, people.

YouTuber Roman Atwood proves the yawn’s infectious spreadability with what could be the world’s most contagious prank. Atwood traveled the world, emitting giant yawns at each stop, to pull off his exhausting prank and make the stunt a global affair.

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Youtube prankster Ed Bassmaster goes to Beverly Hills where he asks random people on the street to take pictures with him because he thinks they’re famous. It’s probably a lot more fun than actually meeting celebrities.

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If you pause it at the right point, that dog literally pulls off the quickest barrel roll known to man.

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Young stud wants to film some stranger giving a baby car seat to his pregnant wife, which turns out to also be his sexy grandmother.

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A Japanese hidden camera show called ‘Panic Face King’ goes extreme on this poor guy, luring him into a fake meeting in which everyone is killed by a sniper except for him. He is definitely the panic face king.