First Trailer: American Pie Reunion

The fourth theatrical installment in the American Pie movie series, American Reunion, gets it first official (NSFW) teaser trailer.

This trailer is “Red Band” which means, I think, the people who will appreciate it the most aren’t supposed to watch it.

In theaters April 6, 2012.


Kobe Bryant is “Black Mamba” in a Nike viral ad directed by Robert Rodriguez

Robbie Rodriguez pitches his movie idea to Kobe Bryant. Also starring Danny Trejo, Bruce Willis and Kanye West.

Baby trashes bar in Las Palmas

The single most adorable trailer for Johannes Nyholm‘s short film Las Palmas featuring a drunken toddler you will see today, guaranteed.

Total blackout – Crazy Danish game

A Danish game show called Total Blackout invites contestants “to compete in a series of outrageous challenges” while immersed in total darkness. According to a press release, “fantastic reception” has led to the creation of a Japanese version.
I can’t even imagine.