Dramatic Wedding Photography

This last weekend, photographer Josh Newton created some of the most memorable wedding photos we have ever seen. Set against the backdrop of a raging wildfire, Newton’s dramatic, striking photographs of April Hartley and Michael Wolber’s outdoor wedding are sweeping across the Internet today at an unbelievable clip.

In case you didn’t catch it in the intro, this wedding had the equally fortunate and unfortunate opportunity to be set against a very unique backdrop: the Two Bulls Wildfire.

Dramatic Wedding Photography

Moments after Hartley began her walk down the aisle, fire trucks shattered the peaceful scene and firefighters regretfully told bride, groom and celebrants to find safer ground.

Dramatic Wedding Photography 2

Dramatic Wedding Photography 3

Dramatic Wedding Photography 4

Dramatic Wedding Photography 5

Dramatic Wedding Photography 6

Dramatic Wedding Photography 7

To see the rest of the set, head over to Newton’s website by clicking here. And if you’d like to see more of Newton’s work, be sure to follow him on his blog, Twitter.

Image credits: All photographs by Josh Newton and used with permission

Record: World’s longest wedding dress veil

Bride Elena De Angelis’ wedding dress has entered the record books for having the world’s longest veil.

A whopping 3km long, 28 times the length of Manchester United’s Old Trafford pitch, it took dozens of seamstresses several months to create.

Elena wed in Italy on Thursday, with scores of helpers needed to help keep the veil off the ground.

She was driven to the church in a cream open-top classic car with her veil stretching down the street behind