Bad Teacher trailer: Cameron Diaz, now in red band

I kid, I kid. The trailer for Bad Teacher, in fact, looks spectacular, if you like foul-mouthed Cameron Diaz, and here she’s The Sweetest Thing to the third degree. If you never thought that Diaz was attractive, wait until you hear her reel off a string of profanities, pelt a kid in the head with a basketball, and express a heartfelt desire to sit on Justin Timberlake’s face. You may still not find her attractive, but you might find her endearingly foul-mouthed. Plus Justin Timberlake. Plus Phyllis. Two exclamation points.

Bad Teacher arrives in theaters on June 24th. And now, you may have something to look forward to this summer besides a string of watered-down comic-book flicks, bro.

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