The many characters of Johhny Depp

Barber – Sweeny Todd
Bookworm – The Ninth Gate
Astronut – The Astronaut’s Wife
Sea Gangster – Pirates Of the Caribbean
Noir Pirate – Public Enemies
Rogue Agent – Once Upon A Time In Mexico
Joker – The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus
Tranny – Before Night Falls
Greaser – Cry-Baby
Groom – Corpse Bride
Father – Nick Of Time
Brother – What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?
Detective – Sleepy Hollow
Psychic Detective – From Hell
Psychotic Writer 1 – Dead Man
Psychotic Writer 2 – Finding Neverland
Psychotic Writer 3 – Secret Window
Psychotic Director – Ed Wood
Chocolate Maker – Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Chocolate Eater – Chocolat
Tea Drinker – Alice in Wonderland
Pot Smoker – Fear And Loathing
Pod Dealer – Blow
Emo Wolverine – Edward Scissorhands

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