Ueli Steck speed solo Eiger record

Just some facts:
The Eiger’s peak is 13,029 ft (3,970 m) and is located in the Bernese Alps in Switzerland. This video shows Ueli Steck beating his previous record of 4 hours by basically an hour. Keep in mind the first ascent of this face was first done in three days, so this guy is basically sprinting up the mountain.


Ice Climbing World Cup 2011 – Saas Fee Highlights

From the Saas Fee Ice Climbing World Cup in Switzerland.

Women’s Lead Results
1. Anna Gallyamova, RUS – 2. Lucie Hrozova, CZE – 3. Stephanie Maureau, FRA

Men’s Lead Results
1. Markus Bendler, AUT/ROU – 2. Maxim Tomilov, RUS – 3. Heeyong Park, KOR


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