Tortoise balancing an apple

This 300 pound Galapagos Tortoise (Chips) loves to be scratched on the neck by her keeper, Chris Henderson, and holds her head up. When he puts an apple there, she balances it because she wants him to scratch her neck.


Unique tortoise has two heads and five legs

A tortoise has been born in Zilina, Slovakia with two heads and five legs. According to zoologists, the unique case is comparable to what happens when Siamese twins are born.

The animal, which has been named Magdalena, also has two brains that work independently from each other.

But having two heads and five legs can be a burden, according to her owner Roman Gresak. He said: “The second head sometimes doesn’t allow the tortoise to know where to go”.

Magdalena would not be able to survive in the wild because other tortoises would exclude her from their collective.