Battlefield 3 multiplayer beta is now open on PC, PS3, and Xbox 360

If you have been itching to try our the new Battlefield 3 beta but unfortunately didn’t get an invite to the closed beta. You will be excited to learn that the new Battlefield 3 Beta is now open to all and can be downloaded by all PC , Xbox 360 and PS3 gamers to experience the Paris Multiplayer Gameplay for yourselves until October 10th when the beta stage will end.

The beta features Rush mode on the Operation Métro map, and you can play as much as you want (and rank up as far as you want) until it closes on October 25th. Beta stats won’t carry over to the final version of the game.

In case you missed it, the Paris Multiplayer Gameplay vid after the jump gives a little taste of what you’re in for.

Download the beta version of Battlefield 3 here.

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