Samurai in Brazil

This video singlehandedly proves that adding a ninja or samurai to something automatically makes it cooler…yes, even soccer. Samurai armor looks so cool. I’ve honestly never seen any western armor look even close to that cool. The feudal Japanese were aesthetic gods.


This Is How You Get People To Stop Texting While Driving

No matter how many times you hear it, people are still using their smartphones behind the wheel and killing themselves in the process. It’s tragic and it has to stop. Volkswagen feels the same way, and scared the crap out of a whole cinema full of people to make the point.


The Humans

The Sagan Series is an educational project working in the hopes of promoting scientific literacy in the general population. Created by Reid Gower.


Nike Football: The Last Game

The Last Game’ is a story about risky football versus safe football.

The scientist and the clones want to prove that riskless football is more effective. Ronaldo Fenomeno and the original players disagree, and they are willing to risk everything to prove the scientist wrong. There is only one way to know who is right: the Last Game.

Featuring (animated): Cristiano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney, Neymar Júnior, Zlatan Ibrahimović, Andrés Iniesta, David Luiz, Franck Ribéry, Tim Howard and Ronaldo Fenomeno.



All of Angelina Jolie’s Movies

A supercut of every movie Angelina Jolie has appeared/starred in from 1982 to 2014.


Gorgeous dress designs out of real flowers

Grace Ciao is a fashion illustrator from Singapore. She draws inspiration from everything around her. Her favourite materials are watercolours and flowers. Here are her amazing Fashionary sketches inspired by flowers!

fashion flowers 1

fashion flowers 2

fashion flowers

And it is not just her attention to detail that makes her flower dresses work. There is something very fractal about her designs which use natural proportion in a way that is very pleasing to the eye.

Insane Floral Illustrations by Grace Ciao 2

Insane Floral Illustrations by Grace Ciao 3

Insane Floral Illustrations by Grace Ciao


Miguel Cotto vs. Sergio Martinez

Miguel Cotto and Sergio Martinez share their thoughts toward one another and outline their individual paths to triumph on fight night.
Cotto vs. Martinez happens Sat., June 7 live on pay-per-view at 9pm ET/6pm PT.

I can’t wait it could be one of the few fights of this year being great!


Recreations of Old Family Photos

Irina Werning’s sentimental project Back to the Future revisits moments from people’s youth, with touching and funny results.

When Back to the Future emerged online its endearing images resonated broadly, and the project went viral. That was four years ago; after globetrotting through 35 countries, Werning has put her greatest hits into a book.

Cameras and films throw out every kind of tone and finish, which makes Werning’s coming so close to the original photos quite the achievement, even with the help of Photoshop. She won’t say much about the details of her process, but admits to an almost uncontrollable urge to go through subjects’ family photos upon meeting them.

Cecile 1987 & 2010 France

Demian 1989 & 2010 London

Ian 1983 & 2010 London

Lucía 1956 & 2010 Buenos Aires

Marita y Coty 1977 & 2010 Bs Aires

Mechi 1990 & 2010 Buenos Aires

Pancho 1983 & 2010, Buenos Aires



Instagram 6.0.0

Today, we’re delighted to bring you a set of new creative tools on Instagram and the ability to control filter intensity. Learn more about these new tools at Instagram for iOS version 6.0 is available today in Apple’s App Store, and Instagram for Android version 6.0 is available today on Google Play.


Civilian ends a high-speed car chase

Car fleeing from police goes through park, nearly hits children.

There was a 14 year old driving that car which was his grandfathers. He was speeding and being chased through a park that was populated with children. The owner of the truck was there with his kids and decided to get into his truck and use it if the car decided to turn back into the park.
The car getting chased starts to make its way into the parking lot of the park and the truck driver decided it was time to stop him.