The Manhattan Project

Photographer Cameron Michael created The Manhattan Project, a stunning time-lapse film of New York City. Michael spent more than five months setting up the perfect shots for this time lapse video of Manhattan.

This time-lapse production has been a wild and exhilarating ride, with a lot of physical work lugging my 120-130 pounds of gear around all of Manhattan. I bent (broke) some laws and made a ton of friends.

Spectacular Dam Removal Time Lapse

The White Salmon River in Washington state is flowing again as the nearly 100-year-old Condit Dam was disabled with explosives Wednesday. The reservoir draining took about 2 hours. Further demolition is scheduled in 2012. The event is a significant milestone for river restoration and dam removal nationwide.

Time Lapse: Where are we going?

Places are :
– Paris
– Petites Dalles, Normandy (cliffs and beach)
– Martinik (clouds)
– Mare island, New Caledonia
– Queyras, Alps
– Tuscany (clouds)
– La Clusaz, Alps (clouds sea)
– Ladakh, India
– Las Campanas, Chili (crazy night sky)

Burning Man 2011 Time Lapse

I will never understand the appeal of Burning Man. Sure, a couple of cool art projects come out of there every year, but for the most part, I just have in my mind a picture of a massive dirty hippie party that lasts for a week. But there’s something great about watching a bustling city come together over the course of a few days and then putter out.